Pricing & FAQ

My prices all depend on the style/medium, size, and surface you prefer! It’s all about what YOU like and what YOU want!

Each custom portrait will have a custom, individualized quote directly from me!

Here are some examples to give you an idea of where prices start (with one face).

For multiple faces/figures in one piece let me know and I will price it out for you!



Frequently asked questions 

+ Love your portraits, how do I order something?

The first thing you can do is head on over to my contact page. There you can submit a form to get the ball rolling. You can also PM me on my Facebook or Instagram pages. After I have received your inquiry I will promptly respond and we can start talking price quotes, reference photos, and due dates.

+ How and when do I pay? 

A 50% deposit is required for me to get started on your piece. The rest is due by the time I ship or the time that we exchange in person. I take Paypal, Venmo, Facebook pay, Apple pay, personal checks (mailed or in person), credit cards (over the phone or in person), or cash (in person). 

How long does it take? 

I am pretty efficient at what I do, but I require at least 3-4 weeks of work time (after the deposit is in and the details are agreed on) for drawings, watercolor, or digital illustrations. Acrylic portraits require at least 1 month from the time you order. I do have a rush fee offered in appropriate situations.

What reference photos do I send you?

I work from digital photographs and as long as they aren't completely grainy and falling apart we're good, BUT the better quality the photo the easier time I have doing the portrait. I also always suggest finding photos where the subject(s) have a very genuine smile. I can also piece multiple people together into one portrait if you only have photos of them separately that you like better.

+ Can you / do you draw anything other than portraits? 

Yes, I occasionally dabble into other commissions that are not of faces, but I tend to prefer to stick to portraiture. It all depends on the specific request, so feel free to ask! 

+ Do you ever run discounts or specials?

A few times a year I end up running some specials and discounts, always make sure to follow me on social media where I will announce things like this.